Corrosion Mapping Services

Early Observation of Corrosion

Corrosion and erosion can inflict significant damage upon petrochemical vessels and pipework. Other phenomena such as hydrogen induced cracking and high temperature hydrogen attack can also prove costly in plant operation. Due to the risks involved, it is important to recognise corrosion damage as early as possible, especially when such knowledge can assist in planning your operational maintenace strategy.

Giant Indo's Veritas Pvt Ltd

We have the expertise necessary to demonstrate and define the true condition of your plant. With our corrosion mapping system, SeeScan®, a solution is available to assist you in developing condition-determined maintenance strategies which can be used in the calculations for the remaining lifetime of a plant. Our strategies can also be used within a structured plant maintenance program. SeeScan also offers a visual representation of the results with a comprehensive report of the affected areas helping you to avoid unplanned shutdowns. This service is available worldwide, with techniques applied by highly trained and qualified staff who are greatly experienced in ultrasonic corrosion detection.

GIV is part of the GIV Group specialized in providing a complete range of advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) services. In addition to operating a competence center for advanced NDT based in the Netherlands, it maintains branches in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Saudi Arabia. Acknowledged as leaders in the field, GIV invests heavily in R&D and operates an accredited training school for advanced NDT as well as offering its expert services globally.

Benefits of SeeScan® Corrosion Mapping at a Glance

Using our SeeScan® corrosion mapping services, you gain:
  • A system to assist in quality control.

  • On-line measurement at high temperature.

  • More accurate prediction of trends as the number of measurements taken is much greater.

  • A visual representation of the plant is provided.

  • A greatly improved probability of corrosion detection.

  • Thickness measurements in an easily understandable topographical color map.

  • A scanning system that can offer mapping of complex geometries with no recourse to complex manipulation and robotics.

Our SeeScan® approach

SeeScan combines conventional ultrasonic practice with the technology of miniature video cameras. It provides a simple yet highly effective method of recording and presenting ultrasonic data during corrosion and erosion inspection.

The positional information is observed and recorded by a video camera which tracks a transducer via a small infrared LED light mounted on the top of the transducer. By using the X-Y pixel matrix of the video image as an invisible grid pattern on the specimen, the computer in the equipment constantly reviews the video image, looking for the bright spot generated by the infrared light. This bright spot is given an X-Y coordinate and is shown on the real time video display. Simultaneously, the system reviews a synchronized ultrasonic signal and converts the ultrasonic reading (i.e. thickness or amplitude measurement) to an assigned color. All this information will be displayed on the monitor as a composite color image of the area examined.

SeeScan® application range

Our SeeScan® can be used for:
  • Lines

  • Vessels that cannot be opened for economic or operational reasons

  • Piping

  • Storage tank walls and floors

  • Systems prone to Hydrogen damage

  • Equipments at temperatures varying from -25°C to over 300°C

  • Complex structures such as valves, tee pieces, dome ends