Corrosion Control Inspection

Giant Indo's Veritas Pvt Ltd

GIV is a specialist consultancy in the investigation and diagnosis of corrosion related deterioration, durability monitoring, cathodic protection, and electrochemical rehabilitation for reinforced concrete structures, historic and steel framed buildings, ports and harbours, and buried and immersed pipelines. Our team of experienced corrosion, material, structural, civil and survey engineers means that GIV is able to offer clients the best possible advice and solutions in order to add value and extend the life of their assets. In order to ensure this, all our projects are managed by experienced and qualified engineers who are Professional Members of the Institute of Corrosion (MICorr) and NACE Corrosion Technologists.

Our aim is to deliver innovative, sustainable and appropriate solutions that match our customersí expectations and budget. We achieve this through the professional skill, expertise and experience of our engineering team in assessing the corrosion problem, designing the most appropriate monitoring and/or protection system for your needs, supplying it on time and ensuring its proper installation, commissioning and operation.

Manufacture and Supply

GIV also manufacture and supply specialist cathodic protection, corrosion monitoring and investigation, materials and equipment. As a licensed distributor of the Lida‘ range of anode products and with patented systems such as the DURMON‘ durability monitoring probe and the Eversense CP‘ durability and cathodic protection monitoring and control system, GIV can offer established technologies based upon tried and tested techniques.

A fully integrated consultancy package which includes;

Survey, investigation and reporting, utilizing an array of NDT techniques including half-cell potential, chloride sampling, corrosion rate monitoring, CIPS and DCVG and many others

Design, supply and monitoring of durability monitoring and electrochemical repair solutions including cathodic protection

Technical support to contractors or client teams for the installation supervision commissioning and monitoring of durability monitoring and electrochemical repair systems

Full design, supply, installation, commissioning and monitoring of turn-key contracts with in-house or main contract partners

Condition Assessments

Condition Assessment and Durability Monitoring

Giant Indo's Veritas Pvt Ltd

Corrosion related distress in buildings and structures can manifest in many forms. Typical examples might be cracking and spalling in concrete structures, displacement or staining of a masonry faÁades or perforation of sheet and tubular piling. GIV can devise a suitable investigation and or monitoring regime to suit your asset.

Through a combination of desk study, visual assessment and established destructive and non-destructive techniques GIV can determine the likely cause of deterioration, provide an estimate of time to failure using established models and provide recommendations to repair and restore your structure in line with your budget and requirements.

GIV can provide bespoke monitoring systems for existing and new build structures using patented monitoring devices developed in house which can be monitored directly or remotely using state-of-the-art telemetry to enable accurate real time assessment of the corrosion condition of your structure.

Feasibility Study

As experts in cathodic protection and electrochemical repair GIV are perfectly placed to advise our clients on the most appropriate form of repair for their structure.

Feasibility studies allow us to collect data through nondestructive testing, trial specific treatments and analyses the practical issues and requirements of your structure.

A typical feasibility study would consist of the following:

  • Assessment and prioritization of repair requirements

  • Collection of parameters required for the design of credible repair options

  • Trial and performance assessment of repair options

  • Budgeting of suitable repair schemes

Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Giant Indo's Veritas Pvt Ltd

GIV can provide services to implement and interpret a range of non-destructive testing and sampling techniques. Through nondestructive testing it is possible to determine many factors which may contribute to the proliferation and initiation of corrosion in concrete, masonries, soils and waters. The correct combination of techniques allows us to determine the likely cause, extent and future risk of corrosion and what this means to your structure.

GIV can provide services relating to following:

  • Hammer Tap Sounding Survey

  • Half-cell Potential Survey

  • Resistivity Survey

  • LPR Measurement (Corrosion Rate)

  • Determination of Cover Depth

  • Chloride ion content sampling and determination

  • Carbonation Testing

  • Petrographic Analysis

  • Water and Cement Content for Concrete

  • Identification of Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC)

  • Ground Penetrating Radar


Giant Indo's Veritas Pvt Ltd

GIV have an extensive track record of survey works applied pipelines within the oil, gas, petrochemical and utilities industry worldwide.

Employing Close Interval Potentials Survey (CIPS) and Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) techniques CCSL can provide detailed information relating to the performance of existing cathodic protection systems and the integrity of coatings applied to pipelines.

GIV have developed the Interrogator TM integrated CIPS and DCVG data acquisition unit which now incorporates GPS technology, as well purpose built switcher units specifically for this task.

In addition to the above GIV can also offer Pearson and Resistivity surveys to provide our clients with a full and detailed package of information upon which to assess the corrosion risk to their asset.

GIV have been employing these techniques for over twenty years to the satisfaction of blue chip clients throughout the world.