Giant Indo's Veritas Pvt Ltd

If you operate cranes, lifting or hoisting equipment and need to ensure that they are safe, and in compliance with statutory requirements. That is where GIV Expertise are there.

Reason to prefer GIV?

GIV is an independent, impartial Inspection company in India and serving worldwide. In Additional GIV is ISO 9001:2015 registered company has been providing thorough Examination & Third Party Inspection and Structural Integrity Analysis of Lifting equipment and Lifting accessories as per PUWER and LOLER Standards GIV is the world’s leading company for inspection, testing, verification and certification of all types of crane, hoisting and lifting equipment and offers unrivaled expertise, experience and equipment to conduct professional statutory and voluntary inspection for:

LOLER Inspection and Certification for Lifting Equipment & Lifting Machines

Giant Indo's Veritas Pvt Ltd
  • Offshore Rigs : Crane, Derricks, Gangways, Loose Gear, Winches, Pad eyes, Davit Etc.
  • Industrial /Onshore : Crawler Crane, Over Head Crane, Loose gears, Forklift, Mobile cranes, Gantry Cranes, Spreader bars, Etc,
  • Marine : Davits, Loose gears, Winches, Cargo Baskets, Cradles, Lashing hooks, Etc
  • Diving / Supply Vessel : ROV LARS, Loose gears, Pedestal Crane, Cargo Baskets, Gang ways Etc.
  • Construction : Tower Crane, Earth Moving Equipment, Load All, Bobcat, Rood roller, Back Hoe, Bulldozer Etc,
  • Bollard Testing.
  • Wire rope inspection and certification by non-destructive testing(Magnetic Flux Leakage) method
  • Annual Examination / Condition assessment evaluation of structural elements (Track, Support structure), Ride components (Track, wheel spindles, chassis, axles etc.) in Roller Coaster, Honey Bee Swing, Mono rail etc. and it includes NDT/NDE evaluation, Electrical analysis, Functional test, Destructive testing etc.

GIV inspection reports are compiled with Master List, recommendation, considerable photographic and visual references making it easier for clients to understand and access the lifting tools. Core sections are also made available online at