Second and Third Party Inspections

Giant Indo's Veritas Pvt Ltd

GIV is able to follow the Industrial Inspections throughout its process, from the Pre-Inspection Meeting (PIM) to Final Inspection and Revision of Inspection Books, as well as various intermediate activities required by the Quality Control Plan and project specifications in order to ensure the conformity of goods to project requirements and to those required by law. The main action fields are those of Mechanical Industry, Power Generation, Electrical, Instrumental Chemical & Petrochemical, Marines & Subsea, Renewable Energies, Marine Hoses, Pipeline and OCTG.

Pre Inspection Meeting

Our inspectors attend technical meeting before starting to work, usually at supplier’s place, in order to ensure compliance with the project specifications and to verify the inspection activities list to be performed during and after the manufacturing phases in accordance with Quality Control Plan (QCP/ITP).

Intermediate Inspections

Our experts attend Intermediate Inspections listed in the Quality Control Plan (QCP/ITP) and witness any task explicitly required by the client during production phase at supplier’s workshop.

Final Inspections

Our experts attend the Final Inspection according to Quality Control Plan (QCP/ITP) and project specifications in order to guarantee to customer that the goods correspond to what has been ordered.

Revision of Inspection Books

Our qualified inspectors verify the completeness and the conformity of inspection books in accordance with project requirements and client’s specifications. They perform the revision and the endorsement of inspection books.

Fulltime Inspections

A resident inspector, daily present on production site, performs all the inspections listed in the Quality Control Plan (QCP/ITP) and witness any activity expressly requested by the customer, keeping him constantly updated with daily flash report.

Inspection Report

At the end of each inspection activity, our technicians issue a detailed report with pictures of the activities along with the test certificates issued by the supplier duly reviewed and signed off. All the documentation is checked by our coordinators which than send it quickly to the client.

Project Coordination

A team of experts at your disposal to plan in detail any aspect of the Inspection and to support the inspectors in the activities

*Third Party Inspections are performed in collaboration with accredited agencies.