Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Services

Detect minute flaws or discontinuities in a product with GIVís Ultrasonic Testing services.

Detect Flaws Faster and Better with Ultrasonic Testing

Giant Indo's Veritas Pvt Ltd

Detecting flaws early on is of utmost importance. But you donít want the process to be time consuming or costly.

To help you, GIV offers ultrasonic testing (UT) services for thickness testing. By using ultrasonics, we can detect extremely small flaws or discontinuities in a product, with only one surface needing to be exposed. Our equipment is portable and can provide quick and highly accurate inspections.

Benefits at a Glance

With UT services from GIV, you can be sure of:
  • Quick, highly accurate inspections

  • Finding any flaws or discontinuities, including extremely small ones, in a product

  • No downtime, as with radiation inspection

  • A lead against the competition with a neutral audit seal

  • Reduced risk of company liability with documented safety standards

  • Fast audit times and our long-standing experience


An ultrasound transducer connected to a diagnostic machine is put in contact with the object that is being inspected. The end results are pulse waves that are transmitted through the product. When measured, these can determine imperfections and thicknesses. They can even measure the size of the imperfections or inclusions in a product.

Our personnel are trained in ultrasonic techniques and are certified to UT levels I, II, and III and for either the European Norm (EN) or American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT). They can interpret the results on site and give a quick response, so that the product can be compared to the given standard and appropriate measures can be taken.

More Information

With short ultrasonic pulse waves that are launched into materials in sequence, you can detect internal flaws or characterize differences. The technique is also commonly used to determine the thickness of the test objects or to find inclusions in products. These waves are measured and compared to standards for product verification. The material of the product can vary as long as sound waves can be transferred through the product.